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What happened?

Latest version is a disappointment. Notifications aren’t working and auto login no longer working either.

الاصدار الاسود

بس رجعوا الاصدار الاسود الزين انتم زينين

No private message notifications

For some reason I’m not getting notifications from private messages when I leave the app. I’m not premium, but I do have notifications enabled on the app and on my device for the app

برنامج تافه

لاحد يحمله.. مضيعه للوقت Do not download it waste of time

Deleted my old account

You all deleted my old account. I spent alot into this app. I wouldnt recommend. And they support anti american groups.

Broken Private Messages

Latest update introduced issues regarding the ability to PM. Messages fail to send frequently or do not show up for the receiver.

برنامج مسلي

برنامج يتيح فرصه لترفيه والعب وأتمنى تطوير البرنامج



Cant log in anymore

I cant login with my account 2 days now ever since last update. Error code 5


ممتاز لي الغاية ?


Nice one

iOS 11 update

Please update the app sooner to be compatible with iOS 11 as it dries the battery out so quickly

Locked me out with no solution.

Working fine till I verified email because of annoying pop-up. Never got an email and now Im locked out. Need to be logged in to contact customer service and thats kinda my whole problem.

Love this app

Best photo editing capability Ive ever seen


I liked

Loving update

This app has come a long way and there are many things worth getting excited about. Looking forward to the next update.

A good app ... not yet perfect!

5 stars when sending videos will be allowed.


I love this app ... So thankful for stuffs and khubayb ? ΠΞΟ

Dont get this. Its a scam.

This app has been completely ruined for paying, horny adult customers looking for a good time by catering to children and Muslims. Over half the people left. It used to be awesome and a lot of fun. Now its worthless and run by hypocritical bootlickers who just want to make money.


Happy with some changes to the update. Like the "discover groups" thing isnt taking up half of the screen anymore forcefully. Thanks for fixing this!

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