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Locked me out with no solution.

Working fine till I verified email because of annoying pop-up. Never got an email and now Im locked out. Need to be logged in to contact customer service and thats kinda my whole problem.

Love this app

Best photo editing capability Ive ever seen


I liked

Loving update

This app has come a long way and there are many things worth getting excited about. Looking forward to the next update.

A good app ... not yet perfect!

5 stars when sending videos will be allowed.


I love this app ... So thankful for stuffs and khubayb ? ΠΞΟ

Dont get this. Its a scam.

This app has been completely ruined for paying, horny adult customers looking for a good time by catering to children and Muslims. Over half the people left. It used to be awesome and a lot of fun. Now its worthless and run by hypocritical bootlickers who just want to make money.


Happy with some changes to the update. Like the "discover groups" thing isnt taking up half of the screen anymore forcefully. Thanks for fixing this!

Awesome App!

What more is there to say.

Getting better

The app its improving :)

Simply amazing.

Ive had Palringo for over four years. It has always impressed! Love the new updates.

Addictive app

A very addictive app! You have been warned! ???

Great app just wish....

Great app just wish they had a Apple Watch app...

Easy and effective

Super easy and effective when used as a communications tool for online team gameplay. As part of an online team guild, we use this tool and it makes communication much easier. With notifications on, you get 24/7 team communication. Could not ask for a better option.

The "About Me"

For some reason I cant see anyones "About me" in this newest update? It gets pretty annoying and makes it difficult to make new friends. Id appreciate if this was fixed immediately

Broken Image Sending

The newest update made a tab pop up on mobile when you tried to post an image, questioning if you wanted to edit it or post it as is. It worked for a few days. Now I cannot even post an image or get to the tab before it freezes or crashes the app.

Works well but...

I accidentally didnt allow notifications when it popped up and its not showing in my notifications in settings

Help me.

It ALWAYS CRASHED when I just opened the app. I even cant login to FB then connect to Palringo. Hope Palringo will fix this crash.

Terrible app especially for Americans

This app is awful! Dont get it! Constant crashes, freezing, lock ups, unannounced "server updates" and an ever present "agent" that will sit and spy on your rooms and chat. If you want a full access account, you have to pay for it. If you want a "premium" room, you have to pay for it. If you want help from customer service, you need to pay for it! Your account can be suspended, rooms can be arbitrarily taken away and given to strangers that have a higher "reputation". Want a better "reputation"? Guess what, you have to pay for it. Simply using the app will not improve your "reputation"; this app is full of awful people who post spam, foul language and offensive pix, but you wont get help from customer service, without buying something to increase your "reputation". This app is full of awful people that have amazing "reputation", all because they paid for it. The only people giving this app 5 stars are from the Middle East and speak Arabic; an important point of note to any Americans or Europeans looking for a group chat app; and yes, their customer support will discriminate against you for being an English speaking person (support gives you two options for contact: Arabic (default) or English). Get Line or WhatsApp, do NOT get Palringo!

It works

Fine piece of programming. Allows you to create and build your own rooms. Great as long as your friends can find you.

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