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Changed from 5 stars to 1



مميز جدا


So theres a problem with all of the chats. None of my chats are loading whatsoever and if I send a message and leave that chat its not going to load or show either. Idk if its the new update or something else but if its the update fix it please

iPhone pay

Very very bad the purchasing from iPhone hope to fix that

Great.. except

So overall my experience with this app is great. However, I don’t know if it’s because I have the latest software update for iOS but it keeps glitching on my phone. I’ll get the notification that I’ll receive the message but it won’t show in my chats and I won’t receive messages in my groups until after about 8 minutes of them being sent. I have perfect WiFi when this happens as well. There’s also the glitch where I’ll have superb WiFi but it says the message failed to send. Please fix this soon. Thanks.




Make it more chat orientated. Games are nice to have. I’m not looking to stare at my phone screen just as many other users do at people playing games and no one talking. This is a problem when you keep promoting games and keep adding games. Find ways to make it chat orientated. Find a way to balance it between games and chat more so leaning towards chat.

Changed from 5 stars to 1

I’ve been forced to alter my 5 star down to 1. The way support functions now they can lock a group for any reason. I have emailed them and requested why and been given no response. I spent money on this group, it violated no tos agreement. The staff member causing many issues is named Oliver.


تعليق اقوى شي نبي نسخه جديد طال الانتظار اوتحديث جديد

What happened?

Latest version is a disappointment. Notifications aren’t working and auto login no longer working either.

الاصدار الاسود

بس رجعوا الاصدار الاسود الزين انتم زينين

No private message notifications

For some reason I’m not getting notifications from private messages when I leave the app. I’m not premium, but I do have notifications enabled on the app and on my device for the app

برنامج تافه

لاحد يحمله.. مضيعه للوقت Do not download it waste of time

Deleted my old account

You all deleted my old account. I spent alot into this app. I wouldnt recommend. And they support anti american groups.

Broken Private Messages

Latest update introduced issues regarding the ability to PM. Messages fail to send frequently or do not show up for the receiver.

برنامج مسلي

برنامج يتيح فرصه لترفيه والعب وأتمنى تطوير البرنامج



Cant log in anymore

I cant login with my account 2 days now ever since last update. Error code 5


ممتاز لي الغاية ?


Nice one

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