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Addictive App be Aware!!!

At first as a new user i had a messy experience with it, but i dont know why, maybe because it sets u in another virtual world but u get addicted to!!!

I hope to recover the seventh version

The previous version before the eighth was very good in terms of the form of rooms and others and chat now we can not retrieve some chats and other colors and very dull I wish to modify the version to be like the previous version VII ?

What the heck?

Why did you change /me to be a dumb thought bubble?!? This is stupid. Put it back to normal. :| They also removed the ability to listen to voice messages from your phones earpiece. Only speaker or headphones now.. AND you cant save images from the in app web browser.. So many missing features. Why even release an unfinished and lacking product??? 5 star app now a 1 star... Update: and it’s 2018 and still no video messaging when other apps provide it lol

iOS 11 Update

Just updated my phone and started updating apps, just noticed that the description is Arabic, which I dont read myself. Though its not game breaking or what not, and its been years since I have used this App, just realized this and wanted to mention it. 5 stars for being a great app for chatting, as I used this before for mobile mmo games. Was flawless in its delivery, will use it again as I need to.


The new update is very bad and ugly ?

Palringo Review

Try putting info in English as the real one is in English. Will not update until it is.

Worst Update Yet

I have used Palringo for 5+ years and have been through the highs and lows of the app. This update makes the app practically unusable. My chats are glitching, the “Last Seen” feature is so useless, the interface is hard to navigate and super unappealing. PLEASE bring back the classic theme, I just want something basic.

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برنامج شيطاني

برنامج يدعوا الى الشيطان


Won’t stop crashing on iPhone 7. Fix pls.

Glitchy and need improvement

Also they keep closing rooms just because the subject is +18 , I mean this app is rated +17 already what’s s the point in not allowing +18 rooms is actually frustrating. I mean the only reason why I use this app is to get to know people of similar interests. Other than that the app crashes from time to time and sometimes it just stops working but doesn’t crash “ freezes”. Overall not really enjoyable since you don’t have freedom in the content you choose to make a room for


While palringo has come a long way from its old days of being a multiple im proxy, the servers break frequently and the support team is unreliable if ever useful. Groups consist of nothing but drama and petty squabbles and the applications moderators are woefully unskilled.


I love this app. Very user friendly. :-)

Changed from 5 stars to 1



مميز جدا


So theres a problem with all of the chats. None of my chats are loading whatsoever and if I send a message and leave that chat its not going to load or show either. Idk if its the new update or something else but if its the update fix it please

iPhone pay

Very very bad the purchasing from iPhone hope to fix that

Great.. except

So overall my experience with this app is great. However, I don’t know if it’s because I have the latest software update for iOS but it keeps glitching on my phone. I’ll get the notification that I’ll receive the message but it won’t show in my chats and I won’t receive messages in my groups until after about 8 minutes of them being sent. I have perfect WiFi when this happens as well. There’s also the glitch where I’ll have superb WiFi but it says the message failed to send. Please fix this soon. Thanks.




Make it more chat orientated. Games are nice to have. I’m not looking to stare at my phone screen just as many other users do at people playing games and no one talking. This is a problem when you keep promoting games and keep adding games. Find ways to make it chat orientated. Find a way to balance it between games and chat more so leaning towards chat.

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